Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Meet Jaws' Family

Disclaimer: The photos in this post were taken by a cell phone at night, and therefore do not have the best quality.  Why is it that the best things happen when I do not have my camera nearby??


Did you get my hint from yesterday about waiting with "baited" breath?  Well, Saturday night at the beach, we went fishing on the pier.  But get this, we caught SHARKS!  Crazy, right?

There were hundreds of them swimming around!  I bet we caught 20 or more.

I mean, it was ridiculous.  I'm never getting in the ocean again.  Ever.  They were so close to shore! Candice & I had a particularly good time catching sharks and pulling them in ourselves (well, with the help of each other that is)... She was even brave enough to hold one of hers, see?

And when I say brave enough, I do not mean she did not scream bloody murder.  Because she definitely did.  I'm pretty sure we provided tons of entertainment to everyone around us.

I, however, was not crazy enough to hold one of mine up for pictures!  (Who do you think I am??)  I was very content giving the "thumbs up" while Parker held my shark and Mrs. Lydia snapped the picture!! Haha!

We threw most of the sharks back, but we gave a couple to some of the folks around us who asked for them.  Did you know people actually eat sharks??  Yeah, well, they do.  We asked one guy what he did with them and he told us how to cut 'em up, which led Parker & Jacob to test it out.  The following conversation will blow your mind:

Candice: What if there's a live fish inside it?
Me: There isn't going to be anything living inside it you goof.
Jacob: Whoa, there is something moving around in there.
Parker: They're baby sharks!
Candice: OMG let me see!
Me: No way!
(Everyone around us gathers)
Candice: It's like biology class!!
Mrs. Lydia: You should tell your kids about this in class on Monday!!
Me: OMG you just gave a shark a C-section!
Candice: Aww look at those babies!!
Me: Don't touch them!
Candice: What's that thing??
Parker: It's their sacks.
Candice: Oh my gosh I can't believe this.
Me: Put them close together so I can get a family picture.

...and taa-daa!

Is that cool or what??!!  What are the odds of us finding three ready-to-be-birthed babies in the one shark we cut up??

As we left, I snapped a picture of this sign...

Umm.. oops.
laura ann

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