Thursday, August 19, 2010

Another dose of Weston-isms

Weston-ism: [noun] cute and/or funny quotes spoken by Weston, also known as my 11-year-old brother now 12-year-old brother

Recently I asked Weston what his dream car was, his answer?  "A Mack Truck"

Then I asked him what his dream job was... he said "To be Santa Claus at the mall"

Later that week we passed a crew working on a billboard, and Weston said "Its my goal in life to have my face on a billboard."  A moment later he added, "I'm going to be on a billboard for being the best mall Santa Claus ever."

We were watching TV the other day, and someone said that someone was deaf and Weston started laughing.  Dad asked him if he knew what deaf meant.  Weston said "Yeah, it means you can't hear.  It's like you have ears that are blind."

I had to talk to the cashier's office the other day about my tuition bill, and I was telling my dad that I had no outstanding charges, and Weston said sarcastically, "I thought you were an outstanding student sis."

Dad takes Weston to hit balls a couple nights a week.  One night, Weston was "strokin it" according to Dad, and Weston quipped, "I told you I've been doing my pushups."

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