Monday, August 16, 2010

Resolution #10 - Wedding

New Year’s Resolution #10 – Stay stress free while planning the wedding.

I seriously do not think I could have an easier resolution!  I have been anything but stressed so far!  The big things have fallen right into place and the details are fun to pick out.  It has seemed like things on the wedding front are picking up pace a little bit these days though. We’re doing as much as possible now, before I go back to school and things get crazy. My mom and I “finalized” the guest list this week – meaning that we narrowed it down to 260 people total. We’ve planned for 200 people to come to the reception (seating & food wise), and I feel comfortable inviting 260 to a mid-summer wedding after asking around for other brides’ invited-attended ratios. I like the sound of 200 guests – intimate, medium sized group of close friends and family.

Mom & I also got down her wedding boxes from the attic so that we could take out her veil. I’m planning to wear it if we can find the right dress! I hope we can, because the veil is gorgeous. I am going to use the ribbon she had on her bouquet to wrap my bouquet. We bought the flowers for my bouquet yesterday. It’s going to have 8 white roses for the 8 years we will have dated, and some other kinds of flowers that I can’t remember the name of, haha. I love having these sweet sentimental touches!!

This past Friday, Parker and I went to apply for passports for our honeymoon to… JAMAICA! Oh my gosh!  I can’t wait!!

We also picked out our invitations and I LOVE them! They are perfect! Parker took Friday afternoon off from work, and we went to his office to look at invitations haha – I’m sure he loved that. We also picked out the program style we want. I think we’re just going to DIY the programs to save money, but use the style we like from the printers.

I asked my cousin, Rebecca, to play the piano, and she agreed. She’s going to help us pick out the wedding music and I am so thankful, because I think everything she plays sounds beautiful and that would be a hard decision. We’re going to have Carrie & Beaty sing “When I Say I Do” by Matthew West during the lighting of the unity candle, and “Be Thou My Vision” for the seating of the mothers. Other than that and “Here Comes the Bride,” I have no clue where to begin.

Mom & I met with Avis, the sweet family friend that goes to our church & happens to be married to my boss. I think that I mentioned before that Avis is a wedding planner and has offered her service to us as a gift to our family. I am even more excited after meeting with her and hearing her suggestions. She is really a blessing & I know things will be perfect in her hands the day of the wedding.

We’re going dress shopping on Friday and then Parker & I are meeting the photographer Friday night. Sometime this week, we’re probably going to scope out a few places with Mrs. Lydia for the rehearsal dinner. We decided to have a themed rehearsal dinner – it’s going to be a Luau!! I love the idea of not having to get dressed up for a formal event the night before! We like the plan to have a more relaxed atmosphere – its part of the stress-free event. :)

Oh, our first wedding related event is in the works! Parker’s Aunt Kitty and family-friend, Charlotte gave Candice a Bridesmaid Weekend at the Beach, and they are excited to do the same for me. It’s going to be sometime in May! We had such a blast at Candice’s that I can’t wait for this one!

See?  Everything is just falling right into place!  I have one question though. We decided to buy tablecloths instead of rent them, because it’s less expensive & I can re-sale them. I found great 120” light blue tablecloths. From what I can tell, 120” tablecloths fall 6” from the floor on 6’ tables. I think that sounds good. However, my mom and Avis think that we should have floor length tablecloths. I don’t have a problem with floor length tablecloths, but I can’t find affordable ones in light blue. So what do you think? 6” from the floor in light blue OR floor length in white?

Sorry that there aren't more fun pictures... there isn't much to take pictures of right now unless you want a picture of the guests list and my crazy calendar.  That wouldn't be much to look at though, so I thought that I'd spare you the boredom.
laura ann


Patrice said...

Laura, just think about what's more important to YOU. Would YOU rather have floor length table cloths or blue? From what you've said, I think you want the blue, but only YOU can be the judge of that. I'm a Wake fan, so you know what I'd choose. HA! Seriously though, if you want the blue, forget the length. It's really not a big deal. Your guests won't even notice... except for the ones who read your blog. :) I'll stop stalking you now. Happy Monday!

nancy said...

Can you use white tablecloths and a light blue overlay? I think that would be even prettier! Just my opinion because personally I would want the tablecloths to touch the floor! You are so on the ball and quiet Parker and your parents should be so proud of you for being so frugal but elegant about it all!

Georgina said...

Noone will notice if they are floor length or 6" from the floor! ;-) Do what you want! It's your wedding. And at the end of the day, you're married. Rain and all (at least for me anyway!)

nancy said...

I don't know what I was trying to say but when I went back and read it......quiet Parker? I don't even know him? I think I was trying to say something like you are quiet the frugal little bride? Forgive me!