Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A dose of "Weston-isms"

Weston-ism: [noun] cute and/or funny quotes spoken by Weston, also known as my 11-year-old brother

Recently, my mom was talking to Weston about something, and the subject of Santa Claus came up. The following conversation ensued…

Weston: So you’re admitting that Santa Claus isn’t real?
Mom: Well, do you believe in him?
Weston: No, everyone knows that an old man can’t fly around in a sleigh and give presents to every kid in one night.
Mom: Well, just don’t ruin it for anyone who still believes.
Weston: Mom, everyone knows that he’s not real. There’s no way he could actually do all that.
Me: Well it’s more believable than the Easter bunny. He supposedly hops around the whole world and drops off Easter baskets to all the children.
Weston: He does?

For some 6th grade reason, Weston and his friends enjoy exchanging “Yo Mama” jokes. I’m not sure where the extreme joy of these unoriginal comebacks originates, but he gets a kick out of them. It is not unusual for him to come home and update us on the most current and “most hilarious” “Yo Mama” joke of the week. Recently, he was telling my dad one…

Weston: This guy at my lunch table said, “Yo mama is so fat, when she goes to Wal-Mart, they have to put a weight limit sign on the door.”
Followed by Weston’s hysterical laughter.  Then followed by:
Weston: But I don’t really get it.

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