Monday, June 29, 2009

Partners in Crime?

Oh yes! Dad & Weston are definitely partners in crime. Sure they look sweet and innocent in the photo from our beach vacation a couple of years ago... but don't let them fool you!

Mark-ism: [noun] derivative of Weston-ism / cute and/or funny quotes spoken by Mark, also known as my dad

The following are Mark-isms from this past weekend.

As Weston swings the bat in the house...
"Son, what have I told you about that? Do I have to tell you again and again? DO NOT DROP YOUR SHOULDER WHEN YOU SWING!"

How's that for swinging bats in the house?


While passing a rather plump woman yesterday, Weston said "Whoa, look at that fat lady" to which my mom replied "Don't talk about fat people, that's rude." Followed by dad busting out laughing and saying "But her butt has a butt!"

So there you have it folks... Partners in crime Part I

Have a happy Monday!
laura ann

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