Friday, June 12, 2009

You may have been wondering...

...what I have been up to...

Well, taa-daa! How do you like my new background and header? I made it myself! Trial and error can take a really long time eh?

Even though I loved my old background and header, I wanted something fresh and summery and this is what I arrived at! Leave me a comment/facebook message and let me know what you think! You know, if you want.

Good things:
- Relaxing bubble baths (Tuesday night, check!)
- Finishing a good book (Maggie's Miracle, check!)
- Summer afternoon storms (Tuesday, check!)
- Days off (Wednesday, check!)
- Getting to sleep till 9 (Wednesdy, check!)
- Getting to see my cousin's newborn triplets in the NICU for the first time (Wednesday, check!)
- Going on a date with my handsome boyfriend (Wednesday night, check!)
- Fridays! (Check!)

Well, I guess you could say I had a pretty awesome week! How was yours?
laura ann

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