Monday, January 25, 2010

"Not Me" Monday!

"Not Me" Monday is a blog carnival started by MckMama.  To join the carnival, all you have to do is tell of all the embarassing things you did not do this week.  Faked being asleep so not to be bothered?  Didn't answer the phone cause you didn't feel like talking?  Its OK - you can 'fess up to all the things you did not do over the week.  For example....

I did not bake brownies this weeked at my parents house... and eat almost half all by my lonesome.

I also did not see the dead ladybugs by my bedroom window and think, "Oh I'll just leave you two down there to serve as a warning to all your friends that might happen to crawl in through my light."

I definitely did not have a major headache last night, proceed to sit up in my bed, misjudge where the wall was behind me, lay back down (or so I thought), and bang my head (HARD) against the wall.  A worse headache ensued.

And finally, I did not have a super productive day (grocery shopping - check, check deposited - check, laundry - check, reading - check, cook dinner - check, clean kitchen - check).  I also did not think, "I should sweep the kitchen too, but I'll just leave it for later"... and then moments later I sat a glass pot lid on the counter, watched it roll off, tried to catch it, and witinessed it shatter into millions of tiny, tiny pieces all over the kitchen.  Don't worry, I "did not" sweep the kitchen then. ;-)

Ahhh... What did you not do this week??
laura ann

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