Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"W" is for...

...Wednesday!  Or Wedding Wednesday!  Hooray for hump day!  I hope your week is going well!

Parker & I had our premarital counseling workshop at our church with other soon-to-be-wed couples on Saturday.  It was fun, entertaining, and helpful.  After 6 and half (yes, 6 1/2 years today actually!) of dating, there isn't a lot that Parker and I haven't talked about, so in that sense, the workshop wasn't that big of a help.  But we got to talk to a panel of couples, married from 2 years to 52 years, and hear their insight and advice.  Key comments:

Get married and move away from your families so that you can start your own family. Well, about that...  Haha.  Parker & I are actually moving to our hometown, so that we can be near our families.  Oh well.  I guess we'll have to "leave and cleave" near our families.

Joint bank accounts.  Each couple had a joint account, and one had started out with separate accounts but switched to joint.  Both sets of our parents have joint.  We've always thought joint and its never been an issue.  It's less complicated and we're in this for life.

Decide if toilet paper will be from the front or the back, if toilet seat will be up or down, and if clothes will be hung or folded. We thought these were funny.  We'll see how that goes, but you already know how I feel about the toilet seat. Haha...

We also caught our director and planner up to speed with our plans so far.  I never considered having a planner (I was totally okay with not having one), but Avis offered her expertise as a gift, and we appreciate being able to pick her brain.  Our director is *great* !! I love her to death.  She is all about doing what we want and she knows her stuff!

The next thing on The To Do List is to draft a guest (or guests?) list.  We're planning for around 200 attendees (Parker's family is HUGE), so hopefully our mommas can keep that in mind :)

How many guests did/will you invite?  That's the poll for the week!

Last week's poll suprised me!  I didn't think there would be so many $10,000 and less weddings!  That's encouraging!  4 for $5,000 or less, 3 for $10-20,000, 0 for $20-30,000, and 2 for More than $30,000.

Do you have any tips for drafting the guest list??

Oh, and we're still looking for a DJ if any of you Greenville folks have any ideas!

Gosh, this post needs some pictures, some eye candy, or somethin'... I'll work on that next week :)

Thanks for reading!
laura ann

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Georgina said...

When we did our guest list, we did an excel spreadsheet. The top labels were Last/First/Spouse,Guest/#attending/Street/City/State/ZIP

This was really nice because then we can organize it alphabetically. We also have it separated by his guests and my guests. I hope this helps.

I'll keep you updated on the DJ search. I've been calling around this week!