Friday, February 5, 2010

We're going to the chapel...

...and we're going to get married.

I guess you could say that we've "officially" started wedding planning!  In some ways, its still a bit soon, but who cares?  I'm ready, I've already waited 5 months!

So far, everything has been so easy.  I don't know what people complain about!  I mean, what's so stressful??  Decide on a budget (check), a date (check), a minister (check), a location (check) and that's all you need.  The rest is just for fun!  And it IS fun, let me tell you!  Or at least the planning is!   :)

The date was easy to pick - its the weekend after I graduate from grad school - Saturday, June 25, 2011.  The ceremony location was a given - it's the church we grew up in, met at, and still attend - Oakmont Baptist Church.
It's beautiful, so we don't need/want a ton of decorations and flowers.  The officiating minister is going to be Rev. Beth Thomspon, our associate pastor and close family friend.  The wedding director is a lady from our church that led a bible study we attended in high school.  So all things are going good on that front!

As far as a reception, we're planning on the Pitt County Shrine club - Parker's dad is a shriner and we can get a great deal.  We have the choice of heavy hors d'oeuvres (that word is so hard to spell) or a sit-down meal for basically the same price.  I couldn't make a decision, so Parker decided for some of our favorite food for a sit-down meal.  Which brings me to my poll - Which would you choose, given that they were the same price?  Vote in the poll at the top of my side bar!
Let's see... what else is there?  We decided on our bridesmaids/groomsmen early on...

Amanda (maid of honor) and Roman are 2 of my roomates and we've been friends since middle school.  Katherine, a roomate from last year, is one of my closest friends and we met in college.  Candice & Martha Lynn are Parker's brothers' wives and we've been close ever since we've met!

Mr. Jack (best man) is Parker's dad, Jacob and Preston are his older brothers, and Weston is my brother.  So those were easy decisions.

We've been super blessed to have wonderful friends/mentors, Beaty & Carrie, that are going to sing at the wedding (sing what, we haven't decided.  Any ideas??)

As far as other vendors - photographer (Les Atkins - one of Parker's clients), florist (I'm doing the flowers - I've got to do something over the next year and I tend to be a do-it-yourself-er), videographer (don't need one), DJ (No clue!  Know anyone???), printer (Morgan Printers - it helps when your in-laws own a printing company!), cake baker/maker (What are they called? I don't know... anyways... a family friend is doing it).

So yeah.  I think that's about all so far.  Now there's the details, the guests list, and the honeymoon to think about!  Here's my "inspiration board" (Did you know that they made these?  Its for like your ideas and such -- who knew?) 

So I made one to show my ideas, colors, and other "inspiring things." LOL! Now... only 17 months to go!
laura ann

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