Monday, February 15, 2010

The longest post ever - with transitions (kinda)

So, yesterday, before I left Greenville, I lost my cell phone. It took me 15 minutes to find it… between the couch cushions. Then, I realized I lost my keys in the process. I looked all over the house, in my bag, in my car… and found them in my purse. Then I drove down the street and realized I’d left my gloves in my coat pocket… the one hanging in the coach closet. Then I went on my merry way and listened to my book on CD (AWESOME!) and felt good about not wasting 2 hours of my life driving to Chapel Hill.

Y’all. I’ve been SO hungry lately. I eat and then I’m hungry. I’m embarrassed to say what all I ate for dinner (and after dinner) last night. Embarassed. But take for example, Wednesday night. I ate a toasted ham and cheese sandwich and some chips. Then we went to the game. I ate a hot dog. When we got home, I was hungry! Ridiculous! When I was a kid, I use to have a crazy appetite right before I got sick… so hopefully I’m not getting sick. Or losing my mind.  Or going nuts.  Who knows?

Oh speaking of the game. Senior year, Duke game. We lost. Boo. But it was still fun!!! Especially watching the Duke fans behind us… especially when we were winning or within reach. They weren’t so cheerful. Take for example:

It brought us such delight. We would score & cheer…

And look back and see this:

So funny. And I guess we can let them win one every once in a while so we can maintain the rival atmosphere. Sigh.

Y’all. It snowed. AGAIN. I don’t remember ever having this much snow in one winter. It just keeps snowing. And freezing. And raining. And snowing!   And this time, it snowed A LOT.  Like 5-7" at my parents' house.  It was pretty snow this time ... with icicles (isn't that a funny looking word?).

And it melted pretty fast!  Yay!  Haha.  Except we still had to clear off my car... again.

But Weston & Parker had a nice snow ball fight in the neighbor's front yard. Haha.  Oh and to sum up the craziness of this post...

Someone made a Valentine's Day Snowman.  Which reminds me...  Happy Valentine's Day!
laura ann

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