Monday, February 22, 2010

Not Me Monday!

Welcome to "Not Me" Monday, a blog carnival hosted by Mckmama.  Want to join?  Simply tell of all the embarassing (or not) things that you did not do this week, click over to her blog, and link up!

I did not go to a rodeo with Parker and his brothers and their wives Saturday night.  And since I did not go, I do not have lots of pictures to share... which means I do not have to make up a lousy excuse for being too lazy to post them today!  Besides... its "Not Me" Monday!

I also did not eat two thirds of a box of girl scout cookies (peanut butter patties - yummy to my tummy!)... in two days.  That is too indulgent.  Ridiculous.  Gross.  It wouldn't matter how good they were. At. All.

At lunch today, the girls and I were working on the crossword puzzle in the student paper because its easiest on Mondays and the only one we can actually do
Clue:  Wimbledon's official timekeeper.  5 letters.  Beginning with "R." 
Answer: Rolex
Of course, I did not say "OH I GET IT!" upon realizing that "timekeeper" meant "watch."  I mean, who would ever think it was a person who kept the time?  Duh.  And of course, my friends, who are so encouraging and supportive, did not laugh and make fun of me.  Never.

What did you not do?  Check out everyone else's "Not Me's" here.
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