Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Heels and Devils

Some people call them darts and ladders.  Some call them pros and cons.  Goods and bads.  You get the picture.  Well in honor of the Duke vs. Carolina game tonight ... here are "Heels and Devils" of the week.  (Don't act like you don't know which one's the good and which one's the bad... haha)
Heel:   Getting Duke vs. Carolina tickets... along with all my roomates!

Devil:  Having my senior year (guaranteed ticket) fall this year with this basketball team.

Heel:  Hansbrough will be there tonight to celebrate the retirement of his jersey!

Devil:  Hansbrough isn't playing tonight.

Heel:  Finally a (Carolina) blue sky today.

Devil:  Cold as the devil.  Freezing cold.  Ice.  Messy, nasty weather for 2 weeks now!

Heel:  Getting my acceptance letter to UNC's grad school!

Devil:  FOUR papers due this week (Can you believe I'm complaining about that?  After last semester, it should be a piece of cake)

Heel:  Speaking of cake, 3 yummy birthday cakes in one weekend!  All for me! :)

Devil:  Superbowl on my birthday??? Boo.

Heel:  Marking off 50% of my mile long To Do List.

Devil:  Having 50% of my mile long To Do List still remaining.

Heel:  Going to look at wedding dresses this past Saturday with Mom.

Devil:  Still having forever until the wedding.

Heel:  Getting paid!

Devil:  Deposit for grad school.  Rent.  Groceries.  Gas.

Heel:  Girl Scout Cookies - especially the peanut butter patties. SO. GOOD.

laura ann

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