Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wedding Wednesday!

Wow!  Look at me posting 3 days in a row!  Yippee!  Welcome to Wedding Wednesday where there's lots of alliteration I discuss wedding plans... on Wednesdays.  Or maybe whatever day of the week I feel like it.  Or maybe just some Wednesdays.  We shall see!

Above all the plans, traditions, and "etiquette" of weddings, Parker and I feel strongly that our wedding is a time for our closest friends and family to witness our covenant with each other and with God.  We have strong beliefs about marriage and its meaning.  Ultimately, this is a spiritual celebration and worship service for our God in celebration of our marriage - not a performance or chance to "out do" others'.

"For this reason, a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two shall become one." Genesis 2:24

With this in mind, we want a simple, meaningful wedding with close family and friends.  We want it to be a celebration (we've waited a long time for this!) and we want to have a good time.  We are not caught up in what "should" or "should not" happen at a wedding and what we "should" or "should not" do.  People who are strictly by-the-book might faint over some of our decisions, but trust us - whether we have real or fake flowers will not affect our marriage.   :)

We are fortunate to have wonderful people in our lives that have offered to help.  Avis, my boss' wife, is helping plan as a gift!  What a blessing!  So if you hear her name, you'll know who I'm talking about.

One more thing - We're not spending the outrageous average of $30,000 on our wedding.  I was going to share the budget, but I think I'm going to let you guess at the end how much the wedding costs - it'll be more interesting that way.  I will share the tips and deals I find along the way though!  AND I hope you'll share the tips and suggestions you have!  :)

It looks like y'all were as indecisive as me in regards to heavy hors d'ouevres (I can never spell that word!) or a sit-down meal.  The poll ended up being 45% for hors d'ouevres and 54% for sit-down meal.  Close call - thank God Parker can make a decision!  :)

Here's a new question - What do people have against silk flowers!?!

Just kidding.  Kinda.  :)

How about this one:
What is/was/would be your budget for a wedding?

Poll closes next Wednesday so vote away!
laura ann


Patrice said...

I think I did mine for about $5000. It was outdoor so we had a lot of cost renting chairs, tables etc, BUT we did it at Bonner Point in Bath, which is technically a park so the location was FREE. And Kroger did the flowers and friends did the music. And my brother did the invitations. And we did heavy howeveryouspellthatword and cake. It was great, and I wouldn't change A THING... even looking back almost six years later.

Steven & Kimberly said...

Your blog is great! I'm your friend on fb but had never really read your blog! It's funny, refreshing, and real. I love it.

My parents spent around $10,000 (give or take some) on our wedding. We did our own decorations, had southern bbq, and really worked to get some great deals!