Monday, January 3, 2011

Eleven for '11

New Year's Resolutions - you either love them or your hate them.  I happen to love them!  I make them every year and for the most part, I keep them.  Last year I did Ten "To Do's" for 2010 and in July, I did a Resolution Check Point.  As for my reflection at the end of the year, let's take a look...

Cook more often each week - Well this was a total bomb.  I definitely cooked more in 2009 than I did in 2010.  It is so hard to be motivated to cook when it's only for yourself.  It's still something I need to work on, so I made it a resolution for 2011!  For 2010... check minus.

Be a smarter spender - This one I nailed, particularly for the second half of the year - I created a budget and I stick to it without temptation.  I still want to work on using coupons more effectively, but overall, I get a check plus!

Graduate with at least a 3.5 GPA - Check plus plus!  As I said in July, I exceeded this expectation, and I am proud of myself!

Plan blog posts in advance - I wasn't as successful as I'd hoped on this one.  While I planned many posts in advance, my posting was sporadic.  Towards the end of the year, posting was minimal... but, I'll still give myself a check.

Drink less caffeine - Even though I still love Mountain Dew, I have definitely cut back on caffeine in comparison to 2009 and before.  I still want to cut back some more, so its also a resolution for 2011.  For this year, a check.

Get back into scrapbooking - This didn't happen. At. All.  Maybe after graduate school... Check minus!

Learn to sew better - I'd say that I practiced my sewing skills a fair amount this year considering that I use my mom's sewing machine and it stays in Greenville.  I haven't made those curtains yet though!  Check.

Create an ongoing list of teaching ideas -  I accomplished this with flying colors.  It's probably my best kept resolution thanks to graduate school.  Check plus plus!

Memorize more scripture - Definitely memorized more scripture - and read more scripture in the process!  Check plus!

Stay stress free as I start planning the wedding - Goodness, I've been anything but stressed during the planning process!  Check plus!

Now for my 2011 resolutions, in no particular order...

Eleven for '11

Cook more often  - I really want to learn to be a better cook - especially since Parker will soon be eating my food on a regular basis!  I think that in order to cook better, I'm going to have to cook more often and try new recipes.  I love cooking - I cooked a lot over Christmas, but I just can't motivate myself to cook for just me!

Finish painting the condo - We've done the kitchen, living room, and dining area... now 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and we're finished!  Thanks to a bunch of Lowe's gift cards from our family for Christmas, this should be no problem in 2011!

Finish reading the New Testament - Our church gave out copies of the New Testament on CD a few weeks ago.  If you listen to it for 30 minutes a day, it takes 40 days.  I decided to read it instead, so I could look at references and re-read.  I have never been so thirsty for the Word!  Right now, I'm on Romans 15, which is about half way according to the CD schedule.  I've been able to draw so many connections and see things from different perspectives.

Read the Old Testament - After I finish the New Testament, I want to read the Old Testament straight through also.  The Bible is awesome and I haven't spent enough time reading the it in the past.  This experience has been so rewarding and fulfilling.

Get a job - I graduate in June, and a lot of education talk about the job market is so discouraging!  I've talked to several people and will focus my search in Pitt County.  I'm going to hand out resumes and meet principals this month to "get my name out there" - I have a few favorites, but I'll be thankful for any high school social studies position!

Avoid a "teacher desk" - I get stressed when things are cluttered, and when I'm stressed, my things get cluttered - it's a vicious cycle.  I've seen so many teachers with paperwork covering their desks and I simply cannot deal with it.  So, I hope to get a grading/planning/general paperwork system in place ASAP so I can avoid the "teacher desk."

Continue stress free wedding planning - I don't think this will be hard to do, but just as a reminder, I want to focus on marrying my handsome man, worshipping the Lord, and celebrating with friends & family - not the tablecloth length, guests list, and last minute details.

Be conscious of nagging - While working on the condo & reflecting in pre-marital counseling, I know that I am going to have to give in to the way Parker "straightens up" so that I won't be the only one straightening up the house.  This is a big deal for me, because, in my opinion, there is a right way to fold towels (for example) and straight means no clutter.  I'm not OCD about house cleaning, trust me - I'm just very adamant about how/where things are supposed to go.  This being said, I don't want to be a nagging wife, so I want to be conscious of my actions when it comes to this matter.

Pay down student loans - I took out loans for graduate school, and I want to pay them down a great deal as soon as possible.  That's all.  :)

Continue smart spending - I want to continue my budget and do better at using coupons.  Parker and I have the same philosophy when it comes to money, so I don't think we'll have any problems transitioning this resolution as a married couple.

More water, less caffeine - I'm working on drinking less caffeine, and I'd like to add drinking more water.  I've never been one to drink water unless I've been working outside or there's nothing else to drink - but this is the year to change that!  Water is healthier, helps your skin, and it costs less!  In fact, I'm drinking water right now... Go me!

What are your resolutions for the New Year?  Tomorrow I'm posting tips on making and keeping resolutions because I think they get a bad rap since people never keep them.  I think they are great -- see why tomorrow!

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