Tuesday, January 11, 2011

8 Things We Should Change

In no particular order...

1. Valentines Day.  Get rid of it.  Every girl wants to feel special - but on every other day of the year.  Buy candy and flowers and make cards on the other 364 days of the year when it is not expected - now that would be romantic!

2.  Teachers teach and preachers preach.  If we're going to keep it this way, we need to decide if preachers have preached/teachers have teached -OR- preachers have praught/teachers have taught. Who felt the need to mix it up?

3. While we're on that note... if geese is plural for goose, then meese should be plural for moose.  I'm just saying... it trips me up every time I have to say it... mooses?  meese?  moose?  Oh and don't get me started on mongooses.  Ahhh.

4. The price of three ring binders.  It must cost less than $1 to make them, yet Staples sales them for $7-10.  Ridiculous.

5. Smaller conditioner bottles.  It happens every time - I run out of shampoo before I run out of conditioner... so then I have to buy the same kind of shampoo so that the remaining conditioner will match... and then I run out of conditioner before I run out of shampoo.  I'm convinced that the companies do it on purpose so you will continue buying their product.  But listen here you shampoo and conditioner companies... I'm on to you.

6. Jokes about father-in-laws.  People are always joking and raging about their mother-in-laws. (Not me! I have a great future mother-in-law.)  But (!!), no one ever tells a father-in-law joke.  As a potential future mother-in-law, I think this needs to change!

7. Caskets.  If you step back and look at our burial traditions for a second, they are kind of silly.  First, we spend thousands on a "pretty" casket, and then we put it in another box.  Then, we put it in the ground.  Why spend thousands on a "pretty" casket?  In my opinion, caskets are not so pretty...  And have you ever heard someone comment, "Boy they really cheaped out on the casket!"  No!  Everyone always says how "pretty" it looks.  My dad and I have a solution - Rent-a-Casket.  When it's time to bury the casket, swap it out for a cheaper one and save your money for something that can be used in this lifetime.  My mom thinks we are ridiculous.  Haha.

8.  Easter eggs & the Easter bunny.  I like painting eggs for Easter and I use to love Easter egg hunts as a child - but why eggs?  Does the Easter bunny lay eggs?  Why is it an Easter bunny and not an Easter fairy?  Or if we're going to continue painting eggs, why not an Easter bird?  A bird flying around the world makes more sense than a bunny hopping from door to door.  Just a suggestion.

laura ann

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Amanda said...

So i've been out of touch with the blogging world for a while, decided it was a better way to spend my time rather than listening to lecture... LOVE this. Made me laugh out loud during class. Especially the "meese" one.