Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas Snow

Because it seems like everyone is getting snow right now & Chapel Hill is just cold, dreary, and without snow... I thought I'd post my snow pictures from the day after Christmas!  It snowed a ton in Greenville!  We got about 7 inches - which is more than I ever remember getting!  I'd also like to point out that it was our 3rd snow of the winter and it was only DECEMBER!  It still appalls me!

After a few hours, we were at 5 inches, but it just kept coming!

Our bottom step was covered!

We spent our time indoors mostly, playing with Weston's new Christmas toys, wearing our new Christmas gear (like toboggans HA!), reading books, and putting together puzzles!

I spent some time staring out the window in awe. Parker made fun of me for this, but I don't care!

On Monday, snow still covered all of Greenville, but we got to hang one of our new Christmas presents at the condo!!
I love it!  Thanks Mom & Dad!

I just peeked out the window again... still no snow here.  :(
laura ann

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