Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Baking

Okay, I know I said that I was going to post tips on making and keeping resolutions today, but I'm just not feeling it... maybe tomorrow.  Instead, I'll leave you with my first round of Christmas holiday pictures... :)

The week before I went home for Christmas, I was bogged down with the usual end of term papers, projects, and exams.  My biggest assignment was my unit plan... all 179 pages of it.  See?

So as you can imagine... when I got home I did not want to think about school - at all!  Instead, I baked.  Mom and I made chocolate cookies...

I made cheese wafers...

We made sugar cookies...

I burned the first batch (making this little guy sad), but the second batch turned out great (happy guy... until I broke him in half, oops!) haha

Here are some more.  Our decorating skills were... how should I say it... amateur? haha

That's all.  I love baking!  I'd much rather be cooking now than reading for class... :)

Oh yeah... we also made brownies, but I forgot to take a picture.
laura ann

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Anonymous said...

Oh wow, the cookies you baked make me want to dash into my kitchen and whip something up!