Thursday, July 1, 2010

Resolution Check Point

In grad school, we are always doing reflection discussions, reflecion papers, reflections on reflections... you get the point.  Maybe I'm brainwashed, but I decided to do a reflection on my New Year's resolutions.  We'll call it a mid-year check point.
Ten To Do's for 2010:
Cook more often each week - Negative.  Fail. Fail. Fail.  I need to get on that, because I never cook.  Quick recipes anyone??

Be a smarter spender - Check. Well, maybe not smarter, but definitely smart, particularly when it comes to wedding stuff.

Graduate with at least a 3.5 GPA - Check. A 3.56 and proud of it!

Plan blog posts in advance - Mostly check.  I've got 2 scheduled to go up next week!

Drink less caffeine - Ahh... depends on the week.  Generally yes, but when I have a lapse in judgement, its a usually a bad one.  And I'm drinking a mountain dew right now. [Hangs head in shame.]

Get back into scrapbooking - Absolutely not.  This one has fail written all over it.  Still need to finish scrapbooking my senior year of high school... not to mention all of college.

Learn to sew better - eh... sort of check.  I plan to make curtains soon, does that count?

Create an ongoing list of teaching ideas - Check plus!  I'm on a role with that thanks to grad school!

Memorize more scripture - Maybe not a check for memorizing scripture, but definitely a check for reading more scripture.

Stay stress free as I start planning the wedding - Absolutely check.  Stress free all around.

How are your resolutions going??
laura ann

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Bekti said...

I am learning to cook also. So, I often look for a reliable recipe, not in the women's magazine or a tabloid, because it is not guaranteed.

what I do is go to the bookstore to find a recipe that was written by a qualified chef.

Happy cooking.