Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Amanda!!

Happy Birthday to my sweet friend, roomate, and maid of honor, Amanda!

This is the 20th birthday we've celebrate together between the two of us (that is, we've been celebrating each other's birthdays for ten years now)  Whoa!  On your 21st birthday, I just want to pass on the same advice you gave me for my 18th.  Words of wisdom.  Words to live by.  Best advice eva (foreva eva!)

1. Do not fail or inhale weed or get shot.
2. Cram in the gigantic "library" - ace test.
3. Little sleep, many partys.
4. Dorm=crib, nap in it.
5. If all naked & drunk always call me.
6. Dance every day hottie and smell good.
7. To be friends, no fighting.
8. Graduate and live girl!!
9. Is to dumb skip 101 classes.

I love you home-y.

Psuey?  Uranus.  Tall grass.  Whatever the inside joke, I will LYDBNQ FAFA.  Happy Birthday!

Imma Dork.
laura ann

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Amanda said...

Thank you roomie!!! I love you too. You're too sweet!!

Imma Ditz