Friday, July 30, 2010

A long time coming...

Hello blog world!  I've been MIA for the last week or so, in case you couldn't tell!  I finished summer session for grad school and I have a bit of a break before the fall semester starts.  This past week I spent time with my family & Parker - it was wonderful!  I've been busy sewing, unpacking boxes at the condo, cleaning out my room, and hanging out with my family.  This week I'm going to the beach with some of my best friends as Lauren's last hoorah before moving to Virginia!

Speaking of the beach, my family took our annual beach vacation a few weeks ago (without me).  Parker & I went down for the weekend to celebrate Weston's 12th birthday!  We took him and his friend fishing on the pier,,, here are some pictures:

I think this is the only time Parker got to fish.  It was so windy and the waves were ROUGH.  The boys kept getting their lines stuck or tangled, so Parker spent all of his time getting them unstuck and untangled.  It was worth it though, right babe?

The boys had so much fun! They were so excited...  Mom & Dad came over for a little while to see some action.  Look at Weston's grin!

Cole caught his first fish ever!  He caught it by the stomach - now that is talent!

I thought this picture was funny because that creeper in the red shirt is looking right at the camera!  Weird!

The happy fishermen!
laura ann

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