Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Update on Mom

Mom is recovering well from Gamma Knife.  As you would expect, she is tired and has experienced some headaches and body aches.  This weekend, she went to Weston's baseball tournament in New Bern and did fairly well, although it definitely caught up with her on Monday and yesterday.  She will have scans in 5 weeks to see the results.  I'm praying for no cancer.  I'm trying to stay positive and remind myself that this could be God's way to get the doctors to take some action on the "inactive" tumors in her brain and get rid of them once and for all.  Amen? Amen!

A few weeks ago, Mom and I went to get haircuts at the mall.  We passed through JC Penny on the way and saw these CUH-RAZY hats.  We decided to try them on and I sure am glad that we did:

How cute is my mom? 

Whew!  That one is a definite for the wedding!  She will definitely get the attention she deserves wearing thatHahahaha

We had a great time laughing and goofing off.  The several people that walked by us were definitely not as amused... but poo on them!

I mean, how could you not giggle at that hat?
laura ann

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