Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Go E... Go EC...

Go ECU, hey!

Wow... I can't believe I just said that.  I guess that since my soon-to-be husband is a Pirate fan, I will join the clan.  But don't you worry, when UNC plays ECU, I will be decked out in my Carolina blue!  Loyalty is loyalty.

Anyways, we tailgated for the ECU vs. Tulsa game Sunday afternoon and had a blast.  The game was pretty awesome too!  In fact, ECU was #1 on ESPN Top Ten today!  WOOHOO

My "sister"-almost-in-law Candice - isn't she gorgeous?

Yay for our purple toe nails!!!

This would have been an awesome picture if that guy's fist wasn't involved

It was our new friends Casey & Ryan's first ECU game - they just got married and moved here from Tennessee!  I think they must be good luck!! :)  We met them in sunday school a few weeks ago and they are such a sweet couple!  We invited them to tailgate with us on Sunday and we had a blast hanging out with them!  Here's to more ECU wins and our new friends!
laura ann

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Casey said...

Awww I just saw this blog!!! :) We had so much fun with you two, as well! We definitely need to hang out again soon.