Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cancer again

Sadly, my mom's routine scan from last week found that two of the tumors in her brain (that were previously inactive) have grown in size.  We are not sure how much they have grown, but her doctor has put her back on Tykerb (the preventative medicine for the brain), will continue the Herceptin (preventative treatment for the rest of the body), and she will see the neurosurgeon (who did the Gamma Knife before) to see what he suggests.

We are sad and heartbroken.  Today, as I was at the bus stop hearing the news and then later telling Parker over the phone, I fought back the tears.  I was disgusted with the people around me listening to the conversation that I was having, staring at me, and not doing anything.  It was like my world had stopped and they kept going about their day.  While I know their world shouldn't stop too (and I wouldn't want it to), I truly wished that someone would have acted like a real person and hugged me or gave an encouraging smile... or something.

Thankfully, I have amazing friends that hug me, love me, let me cry, make bad jokes, inspire me, and give me hope.

I feel much better than I did at lunch time, but I still covet your prayers, comments, and attempts to make me laugh.

Mom is doing okay.  Extremely strong as usual :)
laura ann


megan said...

Hi Laura Ann. I found your blog through Patrice some time ago. I check in every now and then. My mom had a long battle with Breast Cancer several years ago. She is now a survivor. Keep your head up and rest well knowing that God has a perfect plan. Your mom seems like a fighter. I will keep you, your mom and family in my thoughts and prayers. :)

Casey said...

Ryan and I pray for your mom and your family so much. I always wonder how you can hold back tears when you update us about your mom in sunday school. You're a strong person, too, Laura. You must get that from your mom. :)

Faten said...

Hey Laura!
I'm sorry you and your family are going through this. You guys are a really great family and I will always remember the times you welcomed me into your home. Even though we don't get to keep in touch as much as we did when we were younger I always keep you guys in my thoughts and prayers. Just keep a positive attitude and remember there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. I am always amazed at what a strong person you are.