Friday, October 1, 2010

Wedding Registry!!

Since we got engaged, I have been SO excited about registering for wedding gifts!  Last Friday night, we bit the bullet and went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  It was so easy and fun!  We proved to be quick and confident in making decisions - Thank the Lord!   Otherwise we would have been there all night... which we almost were - well an hour and half that is... but by the end, it seemed like all night and we didn't even register for bedroom or bathroom stuff yet!

Parker was an eager participant, don't you worry!  He kept saying things like, "Ooo, we need one of these!" and "Oh, we need to get this."  Which was funny... because he said it for things like this:

A bra ball.  Haha!  I informed him that we did not need one... cause I am the one who wears the bras... but I really didn't need one.  But he insisted...

So if you check out the registry and see it... now you know.  Hahaha
laura ann

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