Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I know I stink at posting regularly, but you should thank me because I really have nothing interesting to talk about.  Seriously.  Unless you want to hear about my unit plans, studying for a three-day history exam, or driving back and forth to Greenville.

I promise I'll put before/after pictures of the living room/dining area up after this weekend.  Now that the painting is just about finished in the main living area (we still have to do the bedrooms and bathrooms... ugh), I've been obsessing about decorating.  I have a vision.  Most of our furniture doesn't match and everything is hand-me-down (we were going for free not looks), so we'll be painting a couple of pieces to make things look more put-together.   I'm fine with that because I'm definitely into the painted furniture look.

However, now I'm going crazy about what colors to pick for furniture.

This is what I'm loving today...
... it's likely to change tomorrow.

So far, I'm in love with what we've used so far.  The kitchen is Topsail (6217) from Sherwin Williams, the living room is Natural from Lowes (I forgot the maker), and the trim/cabinets/doors are Delicate White from Lowes (forgot that maker too...)  Kind of matches my blog, eh?

I'm also in love with antique looks like this picture easel.

I stumbled upon The Nester and let me tell you... I love this lady.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to copy a lot from her.  Look at this:
Love. It.  We have a coffee table (that is currently stained wood) that looks almost exactly like that table... but shorter of course.  It is going to be painted white.  And those plates!  And the pale blue!

The hydrangeas.  The chalk board.  But wait... my favorite part.  The curtains!
Oh how I've been wanting brown and white horizontal striped curtains.  Big thick stripes.  Sigh.
I have looked everywhere for curtains like that.  Ikea, Boscov's, Sears, Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, Walmart, Kmart, JC Penny, Belk, Big Lots, Kohls, Anna's Linens, World Market, TJ Maxx,, Amazon, Ebay, Home Goods, even Pottery Barn (which I would never be able to afford).  They don't exist!  This is the best I could find on Amazon thanks to my sweet friend MB.
But it just doesn't fit my NEED for these curtains.  The harder it is to find them, the more I want them.  I'm fine with making them... but I just have to find the time and the fabric.

So if anyone finds thick brown and white vertical striped tab drapery panels for an affordable price (or at all), you will be my best friend for life.  At this point, I would even consider dark khaki and white stripes.

Otherwise, I guess I'll just have to hunker down and make 'em.
laura ann


Mallory P. said...

If you find them, I must know where they came from! I've been hunting for these exact curtains, just in a dark charcoal gray stripe. I'm about to give up the search and just sew strips of fabric to make them myself; I figure I have a better shot at finding the exact color gray than I do finding it in a striped curtain.

Aedriel said...

I'm looking for the striped tan and white curtains too!!! Any luck?

Ethan Smith said...

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