Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Random Rambles No. 2

Great news! Mom's most recent scans of her chest, abdomen, and pelvic regions showed no sign of cancer!  The spots on her brain are still there, but unchanged despite going untreated for several months.  We are very pleased and thankful!  The doctor found that she has a deficiency in Vitamin D which has caused her to experience fatigue, weakness, and muscle soreness.  She wrote her a prescription for a high dose of Vitamin D and said she should notice a huge difference soon.  We are so excited and relieved to hear this great report.

In other news, Parker & I have decided that the next home we buy will have the cabinets already painted or else we'll hire someone else to paint them... because I'm. Never. Painting. Cabinets. Again. Ever.  We both work 40 hours a week, so we've been painting in the evenings (the ones that don't have baseball or church softball games) and I'm so ready for it to be DONE.  It took a week to get wallpaper down, a week to fix the sheetrock/sand everything, a week to prime/paint the walls, and like 4,252,352 weeks to paint the cabinets.  Okay, maybe not that long.  (Don't forget the leak we encountered!)  We have the cabinets primed and painted, but now we've got to prime and paint the doors/drawers and touch up the cabinets in a few areas.  I can't wait to show you pictures of this tiny kitchen that is consuming our life :)

Have you ever seen the show "Renovation Realities?"  Boy, we could be on that show.  We'd make good TV I bet.

Speaking of TV, I'm going to need Grey's Anatomy to come back on.  Seriously.  It's so good.  I'm a new "Grey's" fan... I just started watching it this season (after like 9 seasons of being on air or something??!!), and I can totally see what the fuss is all about.  So. Good.

Mm k.  That's all for now.
laura ann

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