Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bouquets - Fake or Real?

Welcome to Wedding Wednesday!  More like, Welcome to Wedding Wednesday Night!  Haha!  It might be a bit late, but this week we have a great topic - Real vs. Fake flowers! Du du dummmm :)

Let's have a bit of a warm up shall we?  Which of the following bouquets is fake?

Can you tell?  Trick question - they're all fake.  I know, I know, I'm SO corny.  You know you love me.  And I love you too of course!  :)

I've chosen to make my own bouquets using artificial flowers.  I know that there's such a stigma attached to fake flowers, even I turn up my nose to them sometimes... but after lots of consideration, the decision has been made.  The DIY in me, the price, and the idea of keeping it forever won me over.
See? I told you there was a lot of consideration!  I've heard of people DIY (DIYing?) real flowers, but let's be honest - do I really want to spend the day before my wedding making real bouquets?  Nope.  :)  Has anyone had experience DIY artificial bouquets?  I've played around in Michaels and I have a general idea of what I want, but I'd love to hear your tips!  Anyone want to help?  We can make a party of it.  :)

Last week I asked, "What location would you choose for your wedding??" The poll results are in - Inside wedding at a church (18 votes), Outside wedding on the water (3 votes), Outside wedding somewhere besides the water (2 votes), and Inside wedding somewhere besides a church (1 vote).  Yay for a great turnout again!  Thanks to all who participated!

This week you can give your input on fake vs. real flowers.  Which would you do?

Until next time,
laura ann

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