Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Outside Weddings

This past weekend, Parker and I went to a Wedding Reception/Party for some close friends of ours, Charlotte & Jeff.  They had the right idea and went to some gorgeous beach and got hitched, came back and threw a party.  Why didn't we think of that?

The party was awesome.  It was at this cool boat house and it was gorgeous.  The DJ was great, the food was great, everything was just wonderful!  Well, except this mini-hurricane came and about blew us away.  Seriously.  The umbrella's went flying and all the men had to get tough and take them down.  Some of the food flew across the deck... not fun.  But in a way, very fun and memorable.

That picture is from their wedding.  Its absolutely gorgeous.  So jealous.

My best friend's sister got married outside in her parents' backyard a few years ago. It was the prettiest wedding I've ever been to.  The ceremony was under this big ol' tree and then we walked over to the other side of the house and had the reception.  It was the perfect set up.

I also went to my cousin Melissa's wedding in Historic Bath.  I think it was at Bonner's Point (??)  Anyways, it was gorgeous.  The weather was good, the setup was nice, and she looked beautiful.  I bet Parker & I have said 100x "Why didn't we think of this?"  Seriously, we thought about changing our mind for about 1 minute when we remembered we already put the deposit down for the reception.

So the point is... I'm in love with outside weddings.  Yet, I'm having mine inside?  Yeah, yeah... ::shakes head:: Oh well.  I'm thinking inside wedding with outside pictures maybe?  So this week's poll question is: Which do you prefer: Inside or Outside weddings?

Last week's poll had an awesome turnout - 16 votes for the bride to enter with "Here comes the bride" and 8 votes for something else.

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