Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ceremony Music Part II

Welcome back to Wedding Wednesday (after a mini-break last week).  This week's topic, upon request, is in regards to ceremony music.  Now I know that we've already talked about it once before, but this time the focus is on prelude, processional, recessional, and postlude music.  Because our wedding is in a church, our music will be more traditional, so naturally, the following songs are more classical and religious than contemporary and secular (sorry if you were looking for the latter). 

Note:  If you're like me, song titles and artists mean next to nothing.  I have to hear the song over and over before I decide if I like it.  So, for you're listening pleasure, I have a playlist at the bottom of this post that includes most of the songs that I mention, in the order that they appear.

For prelude & postlude music, we'll let the pianist make the decisions based on her experience.  It should be something light and easy for guests to listen to while they wait for things to get started.  From what I've experienced, prelude music usually starts about 30 minutes before the ceremony begins and postlude music plays until all the guests have exited.

During the processional music, we'll have the Seating of the Grandparents, Seating of the Mothers, Wedding Party, and Bridal March.  Since the only grandparents we have living are my paternal grandmother and maternal grandfather, I'm wondering if we should just have one song played for the Seating of the Grandparents and Seating of the Mothers, rather than having two separate songs.  What do you think? 

For the Wedding Party, I want something that matches the previous song's style, but is distinct enough to mark the entrance of the groomsmen and bridesmaids.  For the Bridal Processional, we'll be sticking with the traditional Bridal March (you know, "here comes the bride..."), although I know a bunch of people who chose something else that was just as wonderful.

Some nice traditional choices for the prelude or processional music are Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring, Arioso, Canon in D, Trumpet Voluntary, Sonata in G Major, and Spring from the Four Seasons.  Other classic choices that aren't as traditional include Be Thou My Vision, How Beautiful, In Christ Alone, and The Bridal Prayer, all of which could be performed vocally.

As far as recessional music, I recommend something joyful!  Part of me wants to play the Hallelujah Chorus (that's how we'll feel at that moment!), but some other great choices are Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee, Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise, Water Music Hornpipe/Allegro Maestoso, and The Wedding March.

If you're looking for more of a contemporary feel, I like Charlie Hall's version of Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee.  Remember that the instrumentation can really change the sound of a song - Do you like the organ?  Piano?  Strings?  Trumpet?  Soloist?  A combo?  It can make all the difference!  Also, if you're wedding is outside you're going to have some limitations - no organ or piano, but maybe a keyboard or recording?  A guitar?  If you don't like the song, try it with a different instrument.  I love the idea of a soloist during the processional, and I'm not a big fan of the organ, but I love the sound of the piano.  Pick what fits your style and the tone you want to set for the occassion.  That's what's important - 10 years from now you won't remember which song you used for what, so just go with your instinct!  :)

Just for fun, this week's question is "Do you prefer the traditional Bridal March, or something different?"

The last poll results showed that out of four invitation choices, 53% of the voters prefer Option 1, 20% prefer Option 2, 0% prefer Option 3, and 26% prefer Option 4. My favorite is Option 2... if it only came in blue...  :)

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Thanks for stopping by & jammin' out to ceremony music! Haha, you know you loved it.
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nancy said...

the only song that gave me "chill bumps" was How Beautiful!
I like some of the others too, but this one seems so fitting for you!

So happy for your mom's great news!