Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Our Kitchen!

At long last, the wallpaper is down, the walls spackled, and all is primed and painted.  Remember the horrid red textured wallpaper and dark stained cabinets?

Well, they were replaced by light and airy...

Hooray!  What do you think?

We will eventually replace the cabinet pulls and hinges with a silver-colored finish.  In fact, we already have new pulls, but we can't find hinges like the ones we have (they mount on the inside of the cabinet)... so that's on hold for now.

I don't know which I love more - the new look or Parker washing dishes... HA!  Just kidding.

Please excuse the Pepsi can and the missing door pulls (they're at my parent's house getting cleaned).

We have to do a little touching up here and there, but whew!  What a difference!  And I love it!
laura ann

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