Monday, July 27, 2009

Baby Stellan

Y'all, I seriously need you to pray for Baby Stellan - you know, Mckmama's blog? It's her 9 month old son who has ups and downs with SVT (super-fast heart rate) when she was pregnant with him and since birth. The doctors told her and her husband that he would surely die before he was born - but he did not. At 4 months old he started experiencing SVT again and went to Boston for surgery that failed because he was so small. His doctors have been trying to use medicine to put off a re-surgery until he gets older. However, this past week he was readmitted into the hospital in their hometown and his condition has greatly worsened. He will be flying back to Boston.

Please pray for this precious little boy and his family. Millions read Mckmama's blog and have witnessed God's work through Mckmama's family. You can read her blog to get the full details and entire story by clicking here. Please, please pray!
laura ann

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