Monday, September 21, 2009

"Not Me" Monday

Welcome to "Not Me" Monday, a blog carnival started by Mckmama. Go to her blog to read about all the embarassing things she & others didn't do.

I did not spend Saturday with my fiance at the miserably hot ECU vs. UNC football game... in the Pirate section. And, when Carolina won, I definitely did not snicker at all the ECU fans who drove 2 hours to sit in the stinkin' heat, squished together, just to see their team lose to the team they hate most. I would not make fun of their situation like that, that would be terrible.

I also did lots of homework and studying this weekend, which means I did not make these stinkin' cute invitations for Katherine's bachelorette party. I definitely made up that cute poem at the top, because I did not find a similar poem online that I could copy.

And since I did not make this invitation, I did not waste several hours playing around online finding cute fonts to download. And since I did not find any cute fonts, I did not waste more time adding some spice to my blog post and sidebar titles with said cute fonts.

Last Thursday night my roomates/neighbors and I did not spend the night in our PJs watching Tarzan and eating peanut butter and oreos. Hello? We're in college. We are way past Disney movies... we so go out on Thursday nights and do college student things.

And I definitely would not pictures of the fun we were having.

Because we're too cool for that.

What did you not do?
laura ann

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