Sunday, September 27, 2009

Little Black Dress Fairy

You can imagine my delight to come home to my apartment and find this:
Who left this little black dress on my bed? The Little Black Dress Fairy? I don't know... So I looked at the tag. My size. From Express. Hello! We're we meant to be little dress? So I tried it on. Perfect. I do believe it was meant to be. Gorgeous. Who is this Little Black Dress Fairy and where did she come from? If you find her, please tell her "Thank You" and that I love her - VERY.VERY.MUCH. Can I please keep it?

Mom is doing much better today than on Friday - we even went to my Aunt Kay's for a yummy lunch and she did very good. (How's that for a smooth transition to a new subject? I know, I know, you envy my skills...)

And... We have a date! June 25, 2011! Hooray! Parker & I met with one of our pastors today and she was able to answer our questions and book our church for us! We are very excited... now we just wait 1 year and 9 mths. HAHA! We're getting married!!!

How was your weekend? Did a dress fairy stop by your place?

laura ann

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erin elizabeth said...

Dear Laura,

If I had known this little black dress would make you this happy, I would have given you a dress every week for the last month ;)...

I'm so glad it fits you, and of course I'm sure you look beautiful in it.



the little black dress fairy