Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Boy do I love a good...

... political cartoon.

There is something about sarcasm and politics and anti-political correctness all rolled into one cartoon. I love deciphering the meanings and intentions of cartoons. Go ahead... call me a nerd, I don't care.

In my Teaching Fellows class today, a presenter showed this cartoon, and I thought it was pretty good.
This one has some relevance for the day too...
But, if you're going to be interested in political cartoons... you gotta know about "Join, or die." In my AP US History class in high school, this was a primary document on a DBQ (Document Based Question - basically you take several documents and incorporate them into an argument that answers a prompt). Our whole class used this cartoon in our argument.... but we used it in the wrong context. So... because Ms. Griffin was the most awesome teacher ever - she made sure that we would never forget the meaning of this cartoon.
I think the whole class was on her "Wall of Shame" that day... And, as a result, I will never forget the meaning, nor will I use it incorrectly in support of an argument, ever again.... I will also make sure that my future US history classes know about it too. Haha
Did you have something that you'll always remember because your teacher made sure of it (and by made sure of it, I mean drilled it into your noggin' until you felt stupid for not knowing it in the first place)... man those are the good teachers!
laura ann

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