Friday, September 18, 2009

Bloggy break

Hey y'all. I'm back from my blogging break - well, it wasn't an intentional break, but I've been super busy!

So, there's lots to update on.

1. My Granddaddy (mom's dad) has been in the hospital - he was bleeding internally from ulcers (& aspirin for his heart) and he had several heart attacks. He had several blood transfusions and they treated his heart attacks medically. He is doing much better, but still in the hospital for now. Hopefully he'll go home soon on a strict diet & Nexium.

2. Weston had his check up appointment at UNC Hospitals on Wednesday and everything looks great - he's growing and active, and the doctor thinks he's good to go. The pancreatitis was most likely a result of the extended Prednisone intake from when he had walking pneumonia.

3. Mom had her scan on Monday and met with her radiologist, oncologist, and neurosurgeon today. Her tumors have shrunk in half and she will be having the Gamma Knife procedure next Friday. It's like a 4 hour procedure. The neurosurgeon is 80% sure he can get to the 3 tumors in one procedure, if not she'll have it again in 2-3 weeks. 6 weeks after the procedure, she'll have another scan to see how it worked. We hoped they would be smaller, but her doctors are pleased about the shrinking and we are thankful for the step forward towards a cure!

So... please continue to pray for our family as we work for God's glory!

Parker, my fiance (I love saying that), is coming to Chapel Hill this weekend for the UNC vs. ECU game! Get pumped! Go Heels!!!

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