Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Save the Date

Update:  Ooopsy daisy!  I thought I had this scheduled for Wednesday morning at 12 AM... sorry about that!
Hello friends!  Welcome back to Wedding Wednesday where all things wedding are discussed, debated, and decided!  This week's topic is, as you can tell by the post title, Save the Dates.

Using Save the Dates is a fairly recent trend that is usually unnecesary, but it adds a nice personal touch to the planning period.  They are useful if the bride and groom are inviting family and friends from out-of-town so vacation notifications and hotel reservations can be made in plenty of time.  However, if you're worried about the budget, cutting STDs (you know that you just giggled when you read S-T-Ds) and all the stamps needed to send them can save you a lot of money.  If you really want to send them, you could limit them to your closest friends and family.  In my case, however, my closest friends and family already know the date because we've told them personally and most live close by.  Sometimes you can find really great deals, like my friend Georgina did, and order them online.  Sometimes you can get them for free + the cost of shipping!

You can find some really cute ones from Morgan Printers... I know, I know, shameless plug (it's Parker's family's company for those of you who didn't know), but I mean it, they have some really great Save the Dates!!  All the ones in the spread above are from them!  No, I do not get paid for saying this :) Haha!

Do you like Save the Dates?  Did you send them out for your wedding?  Do you plan to if you're not already married?  Vote in this week's poll!!

Also, if you do send them out, how early do you send them?  Just wondering...

Last week's poll results show that Line/group dances are the favorite for receptions.  Not far behind is beach music and easy listening.  A tie for third place is R&B and country.  Finally, pop, rock, and other tied with one vote a piece.  Who voted for other and what other did you have in mind??
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