Thursday, May 6, 2010

Our First Home - The Before Pics

Welcome to our first home!  I'm so excited that it makes me wish that Parker & I were getting married this June so I wouldn't have to wait another year before I could move in!  Hopefully it won't turn into too much of a bachelor pad before then.  :)  Anyways...  Saturday morning I woke up bright and early for two final exams.  Then I hopped into my car and drove to Greenville to start cleaning and moving furniture.  Please excuse our mess and the terrible quality of the following pictures :)

The entrance to our sweet little condo in all it's brown glory - Ha!

The living room with a chair, a couch, and a lot of other junk   :)  Don't worry, we're not leaving it like this!

The kitchen table area, minus the kitchen table.

The master bedroom (from a weird angle - sorry about that)

The master bath, also from a weird angle...

The guest bedroom/office space/where all our junk is right now.

Another bathroom with wonderful wallpaper.

I would show you the kitchen, but the fridge is in the middle of the floor because, well, we had a leak.

The valve for the fridge had a leak that we noticed Saturday night - as we we're cleaning the guest bedroom and noticed that the carpet was wet.  Oh yeah, we also met our downstairs neighbor when she came up to tell us she had noticed water marks on her ceiling.  Great, right?  We had the plumber come (yay for home warranties) and the inspector/realtor is paying for the service charge and we'll see what happens with the home insurance/repairs.

Yesterday when I left, most of the furniture was moved in, everything was clean, kitchen cabinets were lined with shelf paper, and the kitchen was partially stocked.  On The To Do List: paint the trim, paint the walls, take down wall paper, paint the cabinets, make some curtains... and about 100 other things!  Important thing is that we now have a home!!

A special thanks to Candice & Jacob who helped us clean Saturday night, brought their awesome Kirby vacuum (which they got used for $200 -  what a deal!), and dined with us on the floor in our dining area.  Haha!  Love you guys! 
laura ann


Georgina said...

Our house had wallpaper EVERYWHERE. It the secondary bathroom there were 3 layers of wallpaper. We removed some paneling in the living room and there was wallpaper under the paneling. The cabinets were covered with wallpaper. The panel box was covered with wallpaper. Wallpaper was the death of me for about 3 weekends. We finally got it all down and we're in the process of painting. I promise pics are to come soon!

Lakisha Zimmerer said...
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Lakisha Zimmerer said...
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Lakisha Zimmerer said...
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Anonymous said...

Isn’t it great to have a house of your own before you settle down? I admire you for that, Laura! It's already a great achievement, considering that you two are just starting out. What are your latest projects for your home? I bet you've done a lot in the past two years that you've been here. :D

-Leona Gladen

Bronwyn Hass said...

I remember reading poetry about the wife of a noble character. It said that she worked vigorously to complete her duties as a homemaker. Reading your posts, I get the impression that you're that kind of wife. I believe you can make the most out of your new home. In fact, I wonder what things/renovations you've done on your home already. Hope you can share some updates, or even links to your blog posts about them.
-Bronwyn Hass

Lakisha Zimmerer said...

Hello, Laura! I hope I am not too late to congratulate you for your lifetime love and first house! Indeed, brown looks glorious, warm and inviting. =) Anyone who will walk into your lobby will feel the natural ambiance of woods. You have a very spacious place to maximize! But if you are a minimalist, it’s okay to have few things in a strategic place. I bet by now it looks just like a love filled house! Hope you’ll post pictures! Lakisha Zimmerer