Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Welcome back to Wedding Wednesday the only thing I can find time to post about these days!  Following with last week's Save the Dates topic, this week we're talking about the good ol' invitations.  Again, a shameless plug for Morgan Printers, there are tons and tons of great invitations for your vieweing and ordering pleasure at http://www.morganprinters.cceasy.com/.  Just sayin'.

I found a few that match our color scheme and are viable options.  I really like the pocket fold invitations - you know, the kind that has a little pocket that holds all the loose cards and such (RSVP, directions, out of town guests information, reception card) because they seem so neat and orderly, which totally fits my Type A personality as you know.  However, finding a pocket fold invitation in light blue has been a difficult task.  Alas, here are four options.  You know the drill, pick your favorite and vote in this week's poll at the top of my sidebar.

Option 1:  Cute, clean, and crisp invitation with perfect light blue color and sophisticated black ribbon tie.

Option 2:  Classic white and pale green invitation with all the traditional elements folded and tied up in a perfect little package.

Option 3:  Fancy and modern, this pale blue and white invitation fits the color scheme and adds unique flair with its floral embellishments.

Option 4: Modern and fresh, this invitation is a clean look with pale green or pale blue text.

Ready, set, vote! 

Last week's poll showed that almost all of you think Save the Dates are necessary  (all but two lone voters actually).  One vote for unnecessary and one for undecided.  Well then!
Other news on the wedding front - yesterday marked the one year and one month countdown!  Woot woot!  We've decided on a DJ but haven't made a deposit yet.  It came down to a local radio/advertising personality, John Moore, who has done business with the printers and is very well-known, but is a bit on the pricey side, and Steven Dail, a lesser known and less experienced DJ that has a better price, but we had some tiny concerns after meeting with him.  Hard decision, but we finally made it!  More on who we picked after the deposit has been mailed and the DJ is officially booked.

Up next on The To Do List - meet with the photographer, choose a cake baker/maker, and work on a guests list...

Question - When does Parker pick out suits/tuxedos for him and the guys?  6 months?  Sooner?  Later?  I have no idea.
laura ann


Invitations said...

Those invitations are beautiful.

Steven & Kimberly said...

I think he can pick them out whenever. My husband picked them out about 4 months out but that's b/c we only had a 4 month engagement, haha.