Friday, May 14, 2010

Graduation Day

Now that I've been a Carolina alumnus for about a week, I figured I should post about graduation.  :)  The day turned out to be gorgeous - perfect weather and temperature.  A great day for graduation and Mother's Day!

Parker took lots of great pictures with my camera.  He snapped the photo above that looks like Lauren & I are looking at the camera, but really, we were trying to find my family in the sea of people!  Can you find us??

John Grisham, the author of many popular legal thrillers, was the speaker, and he did a great job.

His speech was hilarious, entertaining, and not a typical "go and make something great of yourself" pep-talk.  I loved it.  My favorite part was hearing the Clef Hangers (& Chancellor Holden Thorp) sing James Taylor's "I'm Going to Carolina in My Mind," one of my favorite songs.

I had many special guests including Grandma, Aunt Kay & her sweet family, Granddaddy, and of course Mom, Dad, Weston, and Parker.  It means so much that these special people shared in this memory.

Of course Weston had to break the seriousness of all the formal pictures by trying to tickle Dad in the middle of our family picture.  :)

I cannot believe how grown Weston looks in this picture.  He is almost as tall as I am (I know that isn't saying much)!!  Don't worry, that hot chocolate all over his shirt proves he's still a kid at heart.

Last but not least, the handsome photographer! :)

My official degree is a Bachelor of Arts in History with a concentration in American History, Graduate with Distinction.

I'll be working in Greenville at the pharmacy until mid June when I start my Master of Arts in Teaching.  ONE more year!
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