Thursday, January 15, 2009

Today's Happenings Around Carolina

My Sociology Professor speaking on "norms" – Why are there boy colors and girl colors? I hate that. Who says that this color is for boys and this color is for girls? You know what though, when I see a girl in boys’ clothes – I am disgusted. Not because I think she’s a tomboy, but because she’s in boys’ clothes. This is what norms do to people. When my wife was pregnant, we didn’t find out the sex because it didn’t matter to us. I went to Babies-R-Us to pick out an outfit for the baby and the lady said “How can I help you?” I told her that I was looking for an outfit for a newborn and she said “Oh Congratulations! Is it a boy or a girl?” I told her I didn’t know and she said “Oh well, see that’s a problem, because we have our boy clothes over here and our girl clothes over there.” So, I asked for a neutral colored outfit. She asked “Like what?” Light purple? “Nope,” she said, “that’s a girl’s color.” Green? “Boy’s color.” Um… ???

No worries though Professor – Brittany and I have the answer: Carolina blue. It looks good on everyone!


Religion in America class today – True or false:
1. Religion influences pop culture.
2. Pop culture influences religion.
3. Pop culture is a religion.

Well #1 is definitely true – see movies such as The Boondock Saints, Chronicles of Narnia. See players on the court/field acknowledge their God after scoring. See TV Shows, art, books, etc. that all have been influenced by religion.

#2 is also true. See the upbeat songs churches are turning to rather than using strictly hymnals. See the video clips pastors show during sermons. See the “hot topics” lessons bible studies do series on. Pop culture is used by religion to bring the average person to come to know a religion’s views/etc.

And #3? False! Sorry Carolina students, you’ve got to stop over analyzing this. Saying pop culture is a religion is quite a stretch! Just because people dress a certain way, come together, go to athletic events, feel a certain way based on those athletic events, have a certain loyalty to sports… doesn’t make it a religion. While it is certainly true that pop culture may mimic religions, religious rituals, or religious ideals… it IS NOT A RELIGION folks! Last time I checked, when you asked people what religion they followed… no one has ever said “pop culture.” Don’t overthink this guys. I’m just sayin’… :)

And for the record, religion is not the same thing as spirituality.

I think I’m going to like this class and talking about my beliefs!

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