Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"Most folks are about as happy as....

...they make their minds up to be." – Abe Lincoln

Little things that made me happy this week:

- The new DTH stand outside my apartment
- Laughing with Amanda & Katherine about our Christmas tree
- Seeing my friends laugh
- A baby’s laugh
- Catching the bus right before it leaves
- Learning new things
- Game shows (Family Feud – I love that show!)
- “Carolina girls…are the best in the world” song
- Carolina in general
- UNC winning basketball games (ha… that didn’t happen this week)
- Finding out there’s tea in the fridge
- Yummy spaghetti
- Dinner with old friends – in this case, Amanda Garner
- Elfis, the Great White Bear
- My cool new gloves (Friday’s high is 29! Brr!)
- Staying on top of my work (I know, it’s only the first week back!)
- Seeing God work in my life
- Parker & every second with him
- The pretty sky on the way back to Chapel Hill....

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