Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Prayers for Erin

Update: Yesterday, in Madagascar, rioters set fire to a government broadcasting building, killing 34 people. This protest was in response to their President shutting down an opposition broadcasting company. Troops are now securing the streets of the capital, where all of this occurred. Erin will not be staying in the capital, but please pray for this tension between the citizens/government to be resolved peacefully!


Hey guys I just wanted to ask a favor! My dear friend Erin leaves tomorrow to go to Madagascar for 4 months! I am so proud of her for embarking on this awesome journey! Please pray for her safety and growth (as in personal growth, not literal growth - she's already way taller than me!)

Yay Erin! Have fun! We will miss you!

You can follow her blog while she's in Madagascar (an island off the east coast of Africa)! She's pretty awesome!

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