Friday, November 5, 2010

My two-part life

Lately it feels like I have two lives - one Monday-Thursday as a teacher-in-training, graduate student doing school work, and one Friday-Sunday as a wife-in-training doing house work, spending time with family and friends.  I live in Chapel Hill Monday-Thursday, with my parents Friday-Sunday, and work on our home Friday-Sunday with Parker.  I'm ready for my second life to be full time.

Last weekend, we were so busy, but we had a great time!  Friday night we went to a park called Deadwood with my parents and Weston's baseball coach and his wife, Weston, and a few of his baseball buddies.  Deadwood has putt-putt, a train ride, a restaurant, and a bunch of other stuff.  The owners turn it into a haunted house and train ride around Halloween, so we decided it would be fun to check it out.

This was my first haunted anything... and I was nervous.   Parker looked scared, but he was so excited. haha

Let's just say that Deadwood will be my last haunted anything.  The haunted house wasn't that scary... but it was scary enough for me!  I think I scared myself more than anything.  I kept thinking, "I know something's about to happen, I know something's about to happen" and I made myself very paranoid.

The boys had a great time, and even though it was less than 50 degrees they had on shorts and ate ice cream.  So tough.  Ha! 

Parker and I worked at Operation-In-As-Much on Saturday morning with some folks from our sunday school class. Operation-In-As-Much is an event put on by a bunch of local churches where people go out in the community and volunteer doing yard work (what we did), build houses, visit with the elderly, run backyard bible studies, etc.  It was quite chilly, but the difference we made was awesome.

Then, we invited Casey & Ryan, our friends from church, over for dinner and board games.  The boys kicked our butts in Battle of the Sexes, and then Parker ran the table on us in Pictionary with Ryan getting 2nd place by a point.  Casey & I obviously need to step up our game haha!

This weekend, Parker bought us tickets to the UNC v. Barton exhibition game at the Dean Dome, so we are having a date night!  Whoo hoo!  Then we will be going to the ECU game or my brothers benefit tournament or something else that comes up tomorrow...  Church on Sunday, and then I'll be returning to my other life on Monday.

Talk to you soon!
laura ann

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