Monday, November 22, 2010


Weston's baseball team won their division of the World Series last weekend! 

He was one happy kid!  I missed all but one game because I was home sick on the couch with an awful cold.  I'm mostly back to normal, but now two of my roomates are sick!  Ugh - you've got to love November! 

In other news, Parker sprained his ankle Thursday night playing basketball with some guys from our Sunday school class.  It's pretty bad and he's has a boot and crutches for the next three weeks.  Oh, and it's his right foot.  Nice babe.  I've only seen a picture of it because I stayed in Chapel Hill this weekend to work on a pile of stuff that has to get done before the semester ends in 3 weeks.  Three weeks!  Holy smokes.  I can't believe December starts next week.  Wow!

Sigh.  Well, I'm ready for Thanksgiving and time with my sweet family.  How about you?

laura ann

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