Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Katherine!

Happy Birthday dear Katherine, Soon-to-be-Mrs. in 3 days!!!! Oh my gosh!! :) :) :)
Oddly enough, this picture was taken at our circle of friends' first birthday celebration - it was Lindsay's birthday night (remember her birthday was this past Tuesday) the first year we all met at UNC. These two love birds (Katherine & Eric, not me and Parker haha) are gettin' hitched on Sunday!!! After SIX AND A HALF YEARS of dating yall!


I believe this picture termed the four of us as the "Four Years" because we'd been dating for four years at the time. But, to Katherine & Eric's credit - they've dated half a year longer than Parker & I have... but it's a friendship made in heaven - our boys hit it off immediately, as soon as Parker noticed Eric's belt buckle the night that this picture was taken. Friends for a lifetime. HAHA!

And just to put it out there - I have no idea why Katherine & I have crazy eyes in this picture... oh well!

laura ann

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