Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wedding Update

We are well overdue for a wedding update!  My last Wedding Wednesday was about 6 months ago and we have done A LOT since then!  Here is a "let's catch up" list:

- Booked the cake baker - Allison Phelps
- Found & ordered my dress & veil from AVA Formals
- Found & ordered bridesmaid dresses from David's Bridal
- Bought white shoes for my dress (tried to get light blue, but Mom said no)
- Ordered & put together invitations from Morgan Printers
- Booked hair appointment with Bev Mills
- Drafted ceremony programs
- Chose program attendants - the lovely Charlotte Smith & Lauren Chambers
- Finalized the guest list (about 4 different times... haha)
- Finished premarital counseling with Rev. Thompson
- Met with the wedding director for the church - Ms. Patti
- Met with Avis the wedding planner
- Finalized ceremony music
- Picked out tuxedos - from Steinbecks
- Bought wedding bands - I love them!  They came from Helzberg
- Bought bubbles, ribbon, plates, ribbon, paper, ribbon, cake topper, ribbon...
- Ordered tablecloths to check them out - from linentablecloths.com - they match the BM dresses almost perfectly!!  Anyone want 20 something 120" light blue tablecloths after June 25?
- Booked a rehearsal dinner - at Rep Express, a neat little local catering restaurant
- Mailed in engagement announcement to paper
- Details, details, details - i.e. the cutest hand painted signs, 99 mason jars, bathroom basket, grandparents & parents wedding pictures, etc.
- Booked bridal portraits - May 7th
- Bought stamps

That's all I can remember off the top of my head, but I'm sure there is more.  As of right now, it looks like we might come in under budget!  Yeah!

The wedding festivities kicked off last weekend when Charlotte & Aunt Kitty hosted a Bridesmaid Weekend at the beach in Corolla!  It was a blast and I am appreciative of that special weekend with the girls!  This past weekend, my cousin Melissa & Aunt Lisa hosted my first wedding shower and it was lovely!   The food was delicious, the guests were sweet, and the gifts were awesome!

From here on out, we have something planned/scheduled every weekend!  Amanda, my maid of honor, said that we were on the down slope and that we were diving down it.  Haha - true statement.
laura ann

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It's true. I said that! ;)