Monday, April 11, 2011

Hi Blog Family!

Hey blog family!!!

I know that I've been MIA for the last few months, but I'm hoping to make a comeback!  Let's just pretend that it'll be like good friends that don't see each other that much, but can always pick up where they left off...  Sound like a plan?  Okay.  Here we go.

Between student teaching, grad school, and wedding planning, Grace Like Rain has fallen to the wayside.  My last day teaching was on Friday, so I hope to have more time for blogging.  I have loved student teaching in every way possible.  It was such a rewarding experience and it definitely confirmed that teaching is my calling.  Honestly, after hearing all the horror and stress stories, I was a little worried.  My student teaching experience has been anything but horror and stress.   It was quite the opposite.  I kept waiting for the exhaustion and stress to sink in, but it never came.  Overall, the whole thing was fantastic!  There were times that I was overwhelmed by the amount of stuff on my plate, but it never lasted that long.  My mentor teacher was wonderful.  She has been so helpful and she really allowed me to find my own style of teaching.  I know that she and I will keep in touch - she is such a good person & friend.

The students were great and my first set of classes will always hold a special place in my heart.  I had 2 AP Government classes, a study hall, and 3 Civics & Economics classes.  All the Civics classes were collaborative - one was ESL and two were EC.  What a great experience!  I laughed out loud at least once a day (often at myself), my heart broke for students in various situations, and I grew to love these kids - I will miss them so much.  I realized that I have been blessed with the talent of teaching and multitasking, and that I have a lot of conditioning to do before I can be a really, really great teacher - but, I think I'm off to a good start!

My students crack me up - I'll do a blog post with funny stories soon.  They threw a going away/good luck Ms. Case party Friday and it was a really great way to end this journey.  I still have one more week at Chapel Hill High School before I start classes back.  I would MUCH rather teach than go back to class.  Teaching/working with young people is SO much better than sitting in class.  When classes start back, I will submit a portfolio.  We will graduate in May, but then complete the program with summer session one.  So I have one more week at CHHS, finishing up the spring semester in class, graduation, 5 weeks of summer school and then I'll be moving to Greenville!  This has been a crazy (but not too stressful) ride & I am loving it!

Wedding update coming tomorrow!!
laura ann

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Amanda said...

So when you officially start teaching as a real teacher, will you neglect us blog readers as you have done during student teaching? :(