Sunday, December 6, 2009

Semester Review

Since Wednesday is my last day of class, I thought I'd reflect on the past semester. It has been a crazy semester and the best way I can put it into words, is well, to put it into numbers. So here we go!

In 15 weeks this semester, I...

  • Read about 20 books, in addition to loose articles - totaling about 5,367 pages in all (not including all the stuff that I was supposed to read haha)
  • Wrote about 85 pages of papers in final drafts, not including rough drafts or written responses
  • Spent 15-20 hours in UNC's archives doing research, 60 hours in the library studying/reading/writing papers, and 10 hours observing at Chapel Hill High School
  • Drove about 400 miles a weekend (about 6,500 miles total) & spent about 60 hours in my car – Which means I spent about as much time driving as I did in the library… I should really look into books on CD…
  • Ands it's been 2,296 days since Parker asked me to be his girlfriend and 566 days until I’m his wife! (Just thought I’d throw that in here!)

It feels so good to be on this side of my syllabi! I made it through a semester with 18 credit hours, observations, a job, and my senior history paper!! Not to mention I applied to grad school, was in wedding #2 of my friends, and got engaged! What a crazy semester! I'm so glad it's almost over! Thank you Jesus!

Before I pat myself on the back too much... I better get through exams.... yuck.

laura ann

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