Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Heels & Devils

Welcome to the annual Heels & Devils post.  Remember last year's?  Here we go...

Heel:  Student teaching is going great.  I love every day of it!  I laugh out loud at least once a day!

Devil:  Student teaching is exhausting.

Heel:  There are less than 5 months until the wedding!

Devil:  It might snow again tonight...

Heel:  If it does, we might get a 2 hour delay!  Yay!

Devil:  I have been a terrible blogger since the new semester started...

Heel:  I can only get better from here. Ha.  (It's not that I don't have anything to talk about, because I could talk write your ears eyes off.  There is just not enough time!!)

Devil:  It has been a LONG week already!

Heel:  My birthday was Monday!

Devil:  I am starving.

Heel:  I'm about to go eat!  Yay!

laura ann

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