Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Adventure: Couponing

I'm amazed by people who save hundreds and thousands of dollars a year by couponing.  Every time someone posts on Facebook a picture of their loot and how much they paid vs. how much they saved, I think, "Man, I wish I could do that!"

Well that stops today!  I'm going to be an avid couponer.  Not one like those crazy people on Extreme Couponers that spend hours a day clipping coupons and have a stash that takes up their whole spare bedroom.  I'm going to have a stock pile that fits in our pantry and our fridge of things that we'll actually use/eat and I'm going to save us money!

For my first couponing adventure I scored:
6 lbs of chicken breasts, 6 rolls of Scott paper towels, 1 package of chicken noodles, 1 jar of pasta sauce, 1 jar of parmesan cheese, 1 can of crescent rolls, and a 16 oz. box of spaghetti noodles

I spent $22.97.
I saved $21.95!

That means almost half the stuff on that table is FREE.  That's pretty good for the first time, in my humble opinion.  :)
laura ann


Carrie said...

I tried this and ended up hating coupons! But I still keep a strict budget. In any case, one big thing that we do to save money and paper is that we use rags and wash clothes instead of paper towels. I also use cloth napkins. I have not bought paper towels in 3 years! There are some jobs that require them but they have been so infrequent that we are still using a roll of paper towels I bought 3 years ago! I keep wash clothes for my 2 girls ins basket in the kitchen and rags/ older wash clothes in another basket for clean ups. They really surpass what a paper towel can do.

Georgina Greer said...

Check out the circulars. Once you start watching them you'll start seeing the pattern. Things go on sale in a pretty regular pattern. I couponed in college and pretty much did all of my shopping at Harris Teeter. Every 6-8 weeks HT does double couples (up to 1.98) and triple coupons (up to .99) *I think these numbers are right*. And they ALWAYS double up to .99. HT is a little pricier, but I never bought anything from there without a coupon. I would get up at 6am and head to the grocery store on the day double or triples start and would save anywhere from 65 - 85% on my groceries. I still bought all my fresh fruit and meat from Food Lion, since they tend to be cheaper there. I only stopped couponing because the closest HT is 35 min away and just wasn't worth it! Good LUCK!!!